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Applied on tensile, compression, bending, shear, tear etc. testings.
– Executes cyclic and creep testings.
- Wide range of grips and fixtures allow testings in accordance to international standards.
Testing capacity 2kN (200kgf) and 5kN (500kgf).
Testing device controlled by DynaView Standard/Pro M software, automating calculations and report generation.
Testing speeds from 0,5 to 1.000mm/min.
Crosshead displacement measurement with resolution of 0,001mm.
Models with standard (481mm) or extended (1200mm) crosshead travel.
Crosshead moved by pre-loaded precision ball screw.
Maximum test specimen diameter: 120mm.
Dimensions and weight: please refer to technical drawing of each model.
Universal full-range AC supply ( 93 to 135Vac or 187 to 250Vac, 47 to 63Hz ).
Working temperature: 0 to 40oC.
Storage temparature: -10 to 50oC.
One year warranty against any defect in material, precision or workmanship.

Instructions Manual: - AME BME Series User Manual rev may11.pdf (requires Acrobat Reader).
- DynaView Standard Pro Reference Manual.pdf (requires Acrobat Reader).
Technical Drawings: - AME 2-5kN standard crosshead travel.pdf (requires Acrobat Reader).
- AME 2-5kN extended crosshead travel.pdf (requires Acrobat Reader).
Tearing testing according to ISO34 / DIN53507 / ASTM D624 / NBR11911

Tensile testing according to ISO37 / DIN53504 / ASTM D412 / NBR7462

Report generated by this testing Report generated by this testing


Compression Spring Testing


Flexural testing according to ASTM D790

Report generated by this testing Report generated by this testing


Indentation testing according to NBR 9176 / ISO 2439

Report generated by this testing    
  Single Column Desktop Model
Models Capacity
AME-2kN 2kN (200kgf)
AME-5kN 5kN (500kgf)


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