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Equine Scale

Fences built with hardwood beams, measuring 5x5cm in profile.

Platform built with hardwood beams, measuring 15x5cm in profile, painted to increase lifetime.

Capacity Platform No of Animals
2.000kg x 500g 3,00 x 1,25 m 1 to 2

Height of platform floor to top of fences = 1.50m.

  Reading Device

Indicator in aluminium, with 3 cursors, representing multiples of 1, 10 and 100 kilograms, enabling fast weighing.

Locker in the weighing arm, enabling a fast reading of weight.

Tare cursor located in the weighing arm, enables compensation for a change in the weight of platform.

  Mechanical Structure

Completely in steel with special painting to avoid oxidization.

  Bearings and Pivots
Knife-edge bearings completely in steel specially laminated and tempered for our scales.
  Technical Specifications
Technical specifications that ensure the quality standard only found in Oswaldo Filizola scales:
Stabilized transmission system
Bearings in special steel
Auto-aligning pivots
Tare mechanism
Dimensional standardization of parts


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Equine Scale
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