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Manual Dynamometer
  Crown Manual Dynamometer
Capacity Division
50 kgf 500 gf
100 kgf 1 kgf

Technical Drawings: - Crown Manual.pdf (requires Acrobat Reader).

  Technical Specifications
Capacity: 50kgf and 100kgf.
Weight: 1.300g..
Composed of elastic laminated steel parts.
Used to measure the force exerted by the hands of a person (closing the hands).
Used in medical examinations.
Clock-type circular indicator, enabling simple and direct reading, with numbers in black on white background.
Units in kgf.
Indicating pointer in black.
Dead pointer indicates maximum applied force.
It can be used in any position.
Tolerance of 1% of maximum capacity.
One year warranty against any defect in material, precision or workmanship.


Medical Usage
Crown  Dorsal Dynamometer
Crown Scapular Dynamometer
Crown Manual Dynamometer