What are dynamometers  |  Oswaldo Filizola

The innumerable applications of Crown Dynamometers in the measurement of forces and resistance tests, have made these instruments become necessary and even indispensable in all fields of activity: industry, commerce, lab, agriculture etc. Crown dynamometers are available in different models, with capacities ranging from 500gf to 250.000kgf.

In tests of:
Resistance of surgical wires.
Resistance of adhesives.
Power of cranes and tractors.
New products under development.  
Safety belts and other safety equipment.
Resistance of wires, cables and ropes.
Resistance of concrete and cement.
Resistance of tubes and pipes.
Resistance of parts for aircrafts, trains and cars.

In the control of:
Cable tension in aerial or underground installation.
Tension in chains.

In the determination of:
Power of motors in general.
Deflection of springs and other elastic materials.
Force in human body.

"Dynamometers became necessary and

even indispensable in all fields of activity."

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