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  For AME / BME / DBC / DAC / DSM Series

Instructions manual: DynaView Standard Pro Reference Manual.pdf (requires Acrobat Reader).

  Technical Specifications
Data acquisition from load x displacement, load x time, stress x displacement and stress x time tests.
Allows making and storing multiple testings and exhibiting graphs simultaneously.
Allows zoom and measurements on graphs.
Allows linear or logarithmic scales on graphs.
Automatic conversion to any force unit (gf, kgf, tf, mN, N, daN, kN, lbf and dyn), prior to or after testings.  
Automatic conversion from force to stress and vice versa, and among stress units ( force/area, Pa, kPa, MPa ), prior to or after testings.
Allows change of test probe cross-sectional area prior to or after testings.
Calculates statistical data by test or among tests.
Automatic or manual data acquisition.
Indicators for maximum, minimum and average load, elastic modulus, yield point ( Pro version ), breaking point, adhesion and tearing force and others.
Automatic HTML, Word and Excel test report generation.
– File output for SPC ( Statistical Process Control ).
Testing data exportation to spreadsheet format file.
Report can be customised with company data etc.
Allows to save settings for each test or standard.
Reads dynamometer through a PC serial port.
Runs under Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.
- Software available in English, Spanish or Portuguese.
- Includes one year free support and upgrades.
Version Standard Features
DynaView Standard Software yes no no
DynaView Standard M Software yes no yes
DynaView Pro Software yes yes no
DynaView Pro M Software yes yes yes
Data acquisition card for:
Full bridge strain gage displacement sensor.
Half bridge strain gage displacement sensor.
Quarter bridge strain gage displacement sensor.
Linear potentiometric displacement sensor.
Encoder output displacement sensor.


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